Religion and Transhumanism

Posted: Wed, July 30, 2014 | By: Transhuman

medium_mcgilvery.png by Alex McGilvery At first glance religion and transhumanism are at opposite poles of human endeavor. Religion with its superstitions and reliance on supernatural intervention is the very kind of thing that transhumanism is trying to free the human species from. Yet there are a lot of things that transhumanism… Continue Reading

Brighter Brains - the Future of Emotional Health and Intelligence (July 26 conference, Berkeley)

Posted: Fri, July 18, 2014 | By: Conferences

July_2014_poster_v_5-2.jpg On July 26 (Saturday) from 9:30 am - 6:30 pm at Parsons Hall / Dennison Commons, 2450 LeConte Avenue, Berkeley, California Brighter Brains Institute will produce a conference called: BRIGHTER BRAINS - THE FUTURE OF EMOTIONAL HEALTH AND INTELLIGENCE Free Smart Drugs will be available (CILTEP provided by NaturalStacks[TM] After-Conference… Continue Reading

The Conflict Arc of Basic Income

Posted: Wed, July 16, 2014 | By: Cultural Studies

pelletier20130923_basic_income.jpg by Khannea Suntzu Basic Income seems unthinkable in most capitalist western democracies. Most voters wouldn’t want it, corporations sure as hell don’t want it and by and large government parties can’t be bothered with the idea. The implementation pathway for such a social project as Basic Income seems wrought with… Continue Reading

We Of The Robot Cargo Cult

Posted: Tue, July 01, 2014 | By: Miscellaneous

article-2221344-159ED2F2000005DC-967_634x709.jpg by Extropia DaSilva During the Second World War, allied forces set up bases on islands around the Pacific that were home to a people who were, technologically, primitive. The indigenous population observed how the men who had come to the island engaged in most perplexing behaviour. This included such strange… Continue Reading

Brighter Brains Institute supports 4 Education Projects in rural Uganda

Posted: Sat, June 28, 2014 | By: African Orphan-Education Projects

uganda-.jpg Brighter Brains Institute is supporting five education projects in rural Uganda, generally in the town of Kyarumba, located in the Rwenzori Mountains (aka “Mountains of the Moon”). Three of the school projects were recommended by Douglas Cruickshank, author and photographer of the beautiful book, Somehow: Living on Uganda Time. Douglas… Continue Reading

Giving back to Kyarumba

Posted: Thu, June 26, 2014 | By: African Orphan-Education Projects

somehow_cover.jpg by Douglas Cruickshank Kyarumba is the Rwenzori Mountains village where I lived for 2-1/2 years and where many of the photographs in Somehow: Living on Uganda Time were taken. While I was working on the book, I was trying to determine how best to repay the people who made my… Continue Reading

Can Brain Sciences Eliminate Evil?

Posted: Tue, June 24, 2014 | By: Neuro Future?

article-2314130-0A0AD2AC000005DC-76_306x367.jpg by Extropia DaSilva Thanks to modern technologies that enable us to observe, in increasing detail, not only how brains are organised but how they function, and thanks to increasingly capable communications networks and knowledge-management systems, humanity is slowly advancing toward a comprehensive model explaining how the brain works. This task… Continue Reading

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